Community PROMISE (Peers Reaching Out and Modeling Intervention Strategies) is a community-level intervention model that can be implemented with any high-risk population in which there are established social networks. Community PROMISE focuses on the influencing risk factors that put members of a specific population at risk for HIV. These are persons or groups who practice HIV risk behaviors (e.g., injection drug users and their sex partners, people living with HIV, sex workers, men who have sex with men but do not identify themselves as gay, youth.) The intervention will not be effective for use in a general population in which the risk behaviors are varied.


Community PROMISE aims to increase condom use, condom carrying, bleach use, and drug-related risk-reduction behaviors.

How It Works

Community PROMISE uses messages in role model stories to change behavior by influencing attitudes, beliefs, and norms throughout social networks. Peer advocates distribute role model stories containing messages that address the prevention needs of different populations. Besides reducing risk behaviors, the prevention messages can be used to encourage peers to seek HIV counseling and testing services, partner counseling and referral services, and other prevention and treatment services.
Community PROMISE has been packaged by Center for Disease Control’s Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions project; information on obtaining the intervention training and materials is available at